Eduard Belsky

Eduard Belsky was born in 1963 in Colki , Volin region, Ukraine.
He has studied at Republican Art School in Kyiv and the Dnepropetrovsk Art School. In 1991 he graduated from the Ukrainian Academy of Arts, faculty of monumental art. Since 1992 he is a member of the Art Union of painters of Ukraine.
Lives and works in Izola, Slovenia.
Cooperates with different Ukrainian and European galleries. Belsky is mad about life and his positive attitude sparkles in all his paintings. He eliminates from his space all the troubles and fully gives himself up to the painting, immersing in it like in meditation, when the free spirit flies on the wings of the fantasy to the top of creation.


Edward Belsky is one of the most popular artists of contemporary Ukrainian art.
Born in 1963 in the Volyn region (Ukraine), Edward studied at the Ukrainian Art Academy in Kiev. The original combination of the best traditional Ukrainian painting greatly influenced by the French School has given birth to an original brilliant style which is of great interest worldwide. Result Edward participated solo or in group in more than twenty exhibitions in Austria, Cheche Republic, France, Germany, Sweden and the USA. His works have also been very successful in a number of fairs and festivals in Europe – Art Ireland, Art Geneva, Art Stuttgart, Art Vienna, Art Zurich International, Affordable Art Foire à Londres, Paris, New York City, Brussels, Amsterdam , Salon Des Indépendants in Paris. It is presented in several galleries in Europe and the USA.
He works and lives in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

2010 GalleryRA Kiev. Ukraine
2010 Vandome Gallery Paris, France
2010 Houses of art gallery Marbella, Malaga. Spain.
2010 PLANET VIVID Gallery Frankfurt am Main, Germany.
2009 APPIA HEBERT gallery, Grenoble, France
2009 Artplurali gallery, Belfort, France.
2009 TRIPTYCH gallery, Kiev, Ukraine.
2009 VOLGA gallery, Moscow, Russia
2009 ART USADBA gallery, Jalta, Ukraine
2009 KOLOZASPA Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine.
2008 MAYSTERNYA Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine,
2008 Artpluari, Belfort, France.
2007 VOLGA gallery, Moscow, Russia.
2006 Appia Hebert, gallery, Grenoble, France.
2005 SoviART gallery, Kiev, Ukraine.
2004 Le Siants gallery, Prague, Czech Republic.
2003 Galie gallery, Bordeaux, France.
2003 Dim Micoly gallery, Kiev, Ukraine.
2002 Embassy of Czech Republic, Kiev, Ukraine.
2001 Art Master gallery, Prague, Czech Republic.

2009 FineArt. Maysternja gallery, Kiev, Ukraine.
2008 ART festival Dim Micoly, Kiev, Ukraine.
2008 The project “Sea-ocean” Hamburg, Germany
2008 International biennial “Marine2008” Odessa, Ukraine
2007 International biennial “Marine2007” Odessa, Ukraine
2006 Art-Karlsruhe. Karlsruhe, Germany
2005 Art -Manchester. Manchester, Great Britain.
2005 Art-Irland, Dublin, Irland.
2005 Independands, Paris, France.
2004 Art-Zurich, Switzerland
2003 Art-Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland
2002 International biennial “Marine2002” Odessa, Ukraine
2002 Art-Vienna, Vienna, Austria.
2001 Art-festival. Magdeburg, Germany

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